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If you are in the "business" of ASSESSMENT, whether in sales, medicine, human resources, athletics, or marketing, you have likely been told that you MUST have multiple sources of data or information from which to generate conclusions. What does that mean? Let's use the example of going to your doctor with chest pains. Would you be satisfied if he placed the stethoscope on your chest, listened for a few seconds and then determined that you had 'lung cancer'? Probably not!  
What if he ordered chest x-rays, blood tests, took a thorough patient clinical history, and then listened to your chest/lungs?   
Now you may likely have more confidence in his diagnosis. The same idea and approach is what we support when it comes to providing Concussion Baseline Assessments.    

We have partnered with Mental Mastery, P. A. to conduct these assessments. Dr. Gamarra is a School Psychologist, who specializes in Cognitive, Personality, Neurological, and Academic assessments. He has spent the past 6 years researching the validity of computer-based neurocognitive evaluations, as well as other evaluation components crucial to forming a complete clinical picture of the student-athlete PRE-INCIDENT! We value his input and impartial recommendations because Dr. Gamarra is independent of influence by the publishers of these instruments. This impartiality allows him to be objective in his reviews and flexibility in providing the assessments needed.

To learn more about Dr. Gamarra, you can visit his