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To get more information on prevention, symptoms, and news about Sports-related concussions, we have selected the following organizations and websites. These sites were selected based on their credibility, reputation, and level of useful information. There are also a number of useful resources and documents that can serve as guides for planets and practitioners.
Dr. Gamarra is a monthly contributor to the CONCUSSION CONNECTION online advocacy website. As a member of their "Panel of Experts," Dr. Gamarra provides direction to educators and parents on "Return-to-Learn" issues. 

Sport-related concussion from a School Psychology Perspective: NASP Communique Includes the following reference articles:

How Schools can help student-athletes with mTBI, BrainSTEPS a model statewide program from Pennsylvania

 Concussion Awareness: Getting School Psychologists Into the Game 

By Susan C. Davies

 Sport-Related Concussions

By Don Brady and Flo Brady

Return to Learning: Going Back to School Following a Concussion
By Karen McAvoy

The Role of the School Psychologist in Comprehensive Concussion Management
By Eric Rossen

Traumatic Brain Injury and Personality Change
By Marc Fowler & Paul C. McCabe

Software Review: An App for Concussion Management
By Susan C. Davies, T. Shawn Sullivan, & Sara Timms

In addition, there is a NASP webinar:
Concussion Identification and Management: The Role of the School Psychologist
By Susan Davies, Gerald Gioia, & Karen McAvoy

And a NASP Dialogue:
NASP Dialogues: Concussions
By Susan Davie

Youth Sport Safety - Respected source of research-based analysis of issues related to Youth Sport Safety


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Sports-related concussions 

IMPACT testing - Online test information
MomsTEAM - #1 source for Sports Parents 
Heading in Soccer  - Should we really ban it? SOCCER
Concussion Statistics - What are the NUMBERS
Facts About Concussions - FACTS

Video program on Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

National Collegiate Athletic Association policy on Concussions

Information provided by ORCAS for Everyone Concussion Training

University of Miami HealthSystems is the leader in CONCUSSION assessment in our community. See their program highlights here: UMHealthsystems-Sports Medicine